Potato Frittata
Allow one medium_large potato per person eating, depending on whether they are Richard or not. Two per Richard. Scrub the potatoes & boil them until they are about half cooked. You may do this ahead of time, or use left_over potatoes. Peel them & cut them into fairly thin slices. Heat olive oil, with or without a clove of garlic & brown the potato slices over medium_high heat, adding a few at a time & turing the browned ones to the side, on top, etc, so they don't burn. Take one large egg per person, one more or one less, depending on how eggy you want it to be. Stir the eggs together lightly with a fork & add some parmesan cheese, black pepper, a pinch of salt (optional), chopped parsley, etc. Pour the eggs over the potatoes and turn the heat down to medium. Cook until the bottom is solid & cut into pieces with the spatula, turning each piece over to cook the top side until everything is solid.

Variations: use some zucchini with the potato, or use just zucchini (in Daddy's family, they dipped each slip in the beaten egg before browning it). Add some chopped onion a minutes before you add the eggs. Instead of potatoes, use another vegetable, like green peppers. If you use tomatoes, dip them in flour or cornmeal before frying them in olive oil & pouring the eggs over them. The idea is to drive excess water out of veggies like zucchini, to brown & crisp veggies like potatoes.

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