Microwave in 8 inch square pan, 10-12 minutes. Chill 2 hours. 16 servings

CRUST: 1 cup all purpose flour, cup oatmeal, cup packed brown sugar, teaspoon ground cinnamon, cup butter

In microwave safe baking dish, mix dry ingredients then cut in butter until mixture is coarse crumbs.  Remove one cup of mixture and pat the remaining crumbs firmly in an even level on the bottom of the pan.  Set aside.

FILLING: 1 large egg, 8 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature, cup sugar, teaspoon ground cinnamon, pinch ground nutmeg, 8 ounces rhubarb sliced inch thick (you may use an equivalent quantity of raspberries or other tart fruit.  Reduce sugar to cup if the fruit is sweet.)

Beat all ingredients but rhubarb in a small mixing bowl until smooth.  Stir in rhubarb & spread over crumb crust.  Sprinkle evenly with reserved crumbs and pat in gently.

Place baking dish in microwave on top of an inverted saucer.  Microwave uncovered on high about 10 minutes, until the crumbs look almost dry.  Since microwaves differ a lot in power, it may not take 10 minutes in your oven.  If you see the cheesecake is bubbling all the way across, and the crumbs look dry, take it out, even if it has been only 8 minutes.  Set on a heat proof surface for 15 minutes, then cover and chill at least 2 hours.

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