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Latin for the Millennium

A new promotional item: "Latin for the Millennium, a Publicity Packet for Teachers" appears in the current TMRC catalogue of the American Classical League (ACL). The purpose of the packet is to assist teachers to strengthen and promote Latin programs in schools and universities. This packet updates and revises the NCLG's popular "Latin for the '90's" packet of camera-ready materials.

The "Millennium packet contains recent figures on Latin enrollments for public and private schools, memberships in classical organizations, and student participation in the National Latin and Greek Exams. SAT verbal scores of Latin students are compared favorably with mean scores of students studying modern languages. GRE scores for classical language majors are compared with those for other declared majors. There is easily accessible information about classical languages and college admissions, national standards and the benefits of studying Latin in elementary and middle schools.

Teachers provide suggestions for Latin club events and classroom activities, which help spark student interest and build enrollments. Pamphlets, flyers, and news articles outline the benefits of Latin study for elementary, secondary, and college levels. The packet provides useful ammunition for those who need to initiate or defend a Latin program and affords an overview of the current state of Latin and the Classics. Promotional materials provided by over 25 teachers were selected and edited by Virginia Barrett and Judith Lynn Sebesta. The "Millennium" packet, item B908, is available from the ACL's TMRC for $6.20 per packet, plus postage and handling. ACL members are eligible for a 20 reduction. So don't be without one!

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