The Classical Association of the Middle West and South


is an organization of university, college, secondary, and elementary teachers of Latin, Greek and all other studies which focus on the world of classical antiquity. CAMWS, founded in 1905 at the University of Chicago, is the largest of the regional classical organizations.  The territory extends east as far as Ohio, south from Virginia, west to Utah and Arizona and north into the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.




Summer Study Abroad (Elementary and secondary teachers and graduate students)

?             Mary A. Grant Award for study at the American Academy in Rome

?             Semple Award for study at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens

?             Janice and Herbert Benario Award for travel in Italy or Greece


Education and Teaching Awards (Elementary and secondary teachers)

?             Manson A. Stewart Scholarships for teachers who are seeking certification in Latin or teachers who are attending their first CAMWS meeting and/or who could not otherwise attend

?             Good Teacher Award for outstanding achievement in the teaching of Latin


College Scholarships

?             Manson Stewart Scholarships to undergraduate students at a CAMWS college or university who wish to study and/or major in Latin and/or Greek

?             Awards to high school students who excel on a competitive Latin translation exam and who study Greek or Latin in college for at least one year




Membership includes subscriptions to

?             The Classical Journal (quarterly), a unique mixture of pedagogy and current scholarship

?             CAMWS Newsletter, a timely summary of what is going on in the field, including notices of scholarships, opportunities for study, meetings, and funding sources

?             The annual meeting each spring and biennial section meeting in the fall provide forums for scholarly and pedagogical papers, workshops and special events, all of which make it their highest goal to bring together students and teachers at all levels in a friendly atmosphere.




?             Committee for the Promotion of Latin The purpose of the CPL is to help create new Latin programs, to expand existing Latin programs, and to assist students of Latin in receiving the greatest benefits from their studies of  the classics. Latin teachers may apply for CPL funds for an extraordinary variety of proposals.

?             Free promotional material, to members who wish to expand their Latin programs or to start new programs, such as the film "Once It Killed the Romans . ." a half-hour television program in talk show format.

?             Homepage on the World Wide Web, with useful information and services, plus links to other sites.



Anne Groton

Secretary-Tressurer, CAMWS

CAMWS, Department of Classics

St. Olaf College

1520 St. Olaf Ave.

Northfield, MN 55057-1574


Telephone: 507-646-3170

FAX: 507-646-3732