Christmas Carols The Hard Way

Identify the Christmas Carols disguised here in obfuscation.

1.     Move hitherward the entire assembly, of all those who are loyal in their belief. 

2.     Listen: The celestial harbingers produce harmonious sounds. 

3.     Nocturnal hours whose stillness is unbroken. 

4.     An emotion excited by the acquisition of good given to the terrestrial sphere. 

5.     Adorn the vestibules with Macro Ilex branches.

6.     Exalted heavenly beings to whom we have harkened.

7.     During the nocturnal hours when the guardians of ovine quadrupeds survey their charges.

8.     Twelve o’clock on a clement night witnessed its arrival.

9.     The Christmas preceding all others.

10.       A small municipality in Judea southeast of Jerusalem.

11.  Tintinnabulate carillions.

12.   Sacred nocturnal hours.

13. A witnessed vision of maternal emotion exhibited   toward the popular personification of the spirit of Christmas.

14.   Existence of a trio of potentates from an Eastern culture.

15.    Desire for a sole  Christmas gratuity consisting of a pair of incisors.

16. Personal reverie concerning a religious holiday the color of which is the symbol of purity.

17. The impending visit of a jolly, jovial fellow to the   urban environment.

18. Heavenly diety, recline ye good fellows of great mirth.

19. A horned quadruped, native to the tundra regions of this planet whose proboscis is of a scarlet hue.

20. Is your perception of the reverberations emanating from the heavens identical with mine?

This  material was given to Prof. Tom Sienkewicz by his colleague Virginia Hellenga and has been published on the web for his students at Monmouth College.  If you have any questions, you can contact him at

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