Twenty two Monmouth College students and two faculty participated in an immersion learning course in Greece for a week in January, 2007. The group visited the Acropolis, the Athenian Agora and the National Museum in Athens, ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Delphi and the temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina. Students will have written academic assignments related to this trip and will receive academic credit in either Art or Classics for their work. Faculty participants were Professors Cheryl Meeker in Art and Tom Sienkewicz in Classics.

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Here are some comments by trip participants:

I have been wanting to go to Greece for as long as I can remember.  I knew it would be beautiful, but there is very hard to describe just how beautiful it really is.  Day after day I got the opportunity to understand what it really means to view a sight that is "breath taking".  The food was amazing, the Greeks were wonderful, the people I traveled with were amazing, and the memories I made in that one week will stay with me forever.
Anna Damos

This trip was such an educational event in my life. I have learned things that i could have never understood out of any textbook! It is amazing how much you can learn from the little things that were left behind. The country of Greece was one of the most beautiful that i have ever went to and the weather was so nice which made it 10 times more enjoyable.
Jennifer Scott

Greece is such a beautiful place, both naturally and was an amazing experience to finally see all the places I'd only ever read about.  It was one of the most incredible things I've ever done.
John P. Bridge

I found the country fascinating. It was interesting to see all the modern parts combined with the ancient ruins. I learned a lot and could not get over all the beautiful scenery that the country had to offer.
Brittney Miller

I never experienced such a wide range of views as I have in Greece; the mixture of mountains and water is amazing. The ancient ruins added to the beauty of the landscape.
Sarah Nokes

This educational trip to Greece opened my eyes up to a different world.  I studied all of the ruins that we visited in such detail that it was amazing to see them in person.  If it was not for this trip I don't think I would have seen all of the places that we saw on this trip.
Sarah Zaleski

This trip allowed me to learn about an ancient civilization that had a major impact on the world.  I not only learned a lot about Greece and the world itself but I was able to meet new people from school that I wouldnt have had the chance to meet otherwise.

I had never seen mountains before this trip. Not only did we see one but we climbed up Delphi as well. It was amazing to see what they had build in the side of a mountain, even more baffling is trying to figure out how they did it. This trip is something not one of us will ever forget.
Lauren W. Firchau

It was an almost eerie feeling standing in the same places where the foundations of our modern society were developed by the Ancients. 
Hilary E. Hawkinson '07

 Even though Professor Meeker calls this kind of trip Rubble 101, I really enjoyed seeing, and learning about, the remains of an amazing ancient city in the heart of a very modern world!.
Katie Fitch

I found the trip to Greece incredibly educational and fun.  Athens was a great place to see such a connection of times; where the old world is completely embraced by the modern world. It is a country literally littered with pieces of columns and marble blocks every where you look that were once buildings occupied by great Greeks.
Sally Y. Hayes

It was great to see all of the things in person that most people only ever get to see in a text book.
Selina Goddard

I had been studying Greece for a long time and really wanted to go there. The country is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been too. The ancient ruins were incredible and really helped give a good impression of their greatness in antiquity. My favorite was the temple to Aphia on the island of Aegina. Overall it was possibly the best trip I've ever been on. 
Richard F. Harrod

I was amazed at how many people in Greece spoke English. All the signs and restaurant menus were translated as well. I felt like the Greek people changed their whole way of life for tourists like me, for better or worse.
Andrea Dorscheid

This was my fifth trip to Greece, the third with students, and this country never fails to surprise me. This time I was struck by the weather. I had never been to Greece in the wintertime before and was pleased to see how pleasant the temperature was. There were actually people swimming in the Aegean! This trip was so successful that I am hoping that a January trip to Greece becomes a tradition at Monmouth College.
Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Instructor

My first trip to Greece and the scenery was beautiful, craggy rocks, with olives, oranges, cabbage, and cotton growing in peaceful valleys and artifacts from thousands of years ago still there today, along with the kitschy grittiness of Athens and wonderful interested students, all this equaled a perfect trip.  We climbed up Mt. Parnassos at Delphi to honor Apollo and experienced the stadium and stood on the point of Attica looking into the Mediterranean with the Temple of Poseidon behind us, and experienced the Acropolis and the Agora in Athens. Artd200 or Rubble 101, as I lovingly call the art history class taught in spring semester every year, will never be the same for me.
Cheryl Meeker, Instructor