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The Department of Classics

Monmouth College


the thirteenth annual

Bernice L. Fox Classics Lecture

Goofy Gods & Half-Baked Heroes:

Comic Entertainment in the Ancient City

by Professor Anne Groton

St. Olaf College

Monday, November 17, 1997

7:30 P.M.

Highlander Room

Stockdale Center

Monmouth College

What made the ancient Greeks and Romans laugh? We can find out by taking a comparative look at two fascinating comedies written over 2000 years ago, one for a Greek-speaking audience in Athens, the other for a Latin-speaking audience in Rome. In this lecture Anne Groton will conduct a guided tour of Aristophanes' Ploutos ("Wealth") and Plautus' Curculio ("Weevil"), pointing out the most noteworthy theatrical, societal, and supernatural sights along the way. She will conclude with comments about what makes a modern audience laugh, reflecting on the amusing experiences she and her Classics students from St. Olaf College had when they staged

the Curculio in 1995.