Biography of Gregory N. Daugherty
17th Bernice L. Fox Classics Lecturer

Gregory N. Daugherty, a native of Dallas, Texas, earned his bachelor's degree in Latin from the University of Richmond in 1970, and, after spending a year at the Collegio Ghislieri of the University of Pavia in Italy on a Fulbright Scholarship, he received his M.A. (1975) and Ph.D. (1977) in Classical Studies from Vanderbilt University. He came to Randolph-Macon in the Fall of 1976, and currently Chairs the Department of Classics. Although he has primarily taught classes on ancient Greek language and literature, his research interests have recently been centered on public safety in the ancient city, with particular reference to the Imperial Roman fire brigades, the Cohortes Vigilum, especially their role in the Great Fire at the time of Nero. Dr. Daugherty has served on numerous committees, but he counts as his proudest achievements his role in helping to establish the Honors Program (and in serving as the first Director of the Program), and the success of the Saturday Seminars for Latin Teachers which the Department of Classics has run for the past twelve years. He also helped to create and run the Summer School, and chaired the committee which developed the current Code of Academic Integrity. He twice received the Thomas Branch Award for Excellence in Teaching. He has also been very active in regional and national organizations devoted to the field of Classics. He served as Executive Secretary of the National Committee for Latin and Greek, edited their Newsletter, Prospects, is the Secretary-Treasurer of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, and was recently President of the Foreign Language Association of Virginia (1995-1996).

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