Height: 14 3/4" (37.8cm)
Length: 8 1/2" (21.5cm)
Width: 2 3/4" (7cm)
Material or Medium: Terra Cotta
Date of Origin: 2nd Century, C.E. - Rome
Description: The dealer calls this figure Aphrodite; since she is Roman, one might be tempted to call her Venus, instead. Aphrodite, however, is the more exact name, I think, because of all the iconography. The goddess stands with most of her weight seemingly on her right leg, with the left bent slightly. In her right hand she holds the end of her cloak, which hangs down in back, covering her buttocks, and then is draped over her left leg and pudenda. In her right hand, along with the cape, she holds some spheres which could be grapes or apples; in her left hand is an apple. Her hair is arranged elaborately in three crowns of curls -- the outer or top layer could be a crown or halo -- and the long curl hangs down on either side of her face, reaching down to her breasts. Standing on either side of her is an eros, a cloaked, naked boy. The one on the right holds an apple in his left hand and a bunch of grapes in his right. The eros on the left holds a scallop shell (cf. The Birth of Venus) in his left hand and a jug in his right. The three figures stand on a pedestal. There is a kind of crusting over the terra cotta in many places on the statue. Though no color now remains, I have a feeling that this crusting is the remains of a layer of gesso and paint. With her arms raised and slightly extended, the figure appears to be giving a benediction or blessing.
Aphrodite with Erotes