The Courier


30 March 2007
Volume 119, Issue 16

Current adjunct professor to tackle three departments next year

By: Andrea Emery
News Editor

Nick “Dr. Nick” Dobson, current adjunct professor of the Classics department, has not hesitated to venture down a few different avenues.

Originally from Atlanta, Ga., Dobson earned his undergraduate degree at Rice University in Houston, Texas. He then went to the University of Texas for his graduate degree and received a doctorate degree in Classics. Besides earning several degrees before arriving at Monmouth College, Dobson also spent time in Germany where he studied for two years, learned the language and developed a passion for the culture.

Dobson, who originally learned about an open position at Monmouth when he met current Monmouth College classics professor Tom Sienkewicz at conference, first arrived on campus in January.

Since the beginning of the semester, Dobson has been teaching two courses, Word Elements (CLAS224) and Scientific Terminology (CLAS225). Next year, Dobson will be teaching a total of seven different classes in three different departments.

In addition to the two courses he is teaching this semester, Dobson will also pick up two German introductory courses, a Latin introductory course and two courses cross-listed as history and Classics. In “Dr. Nick”’s words, he will be covering a “mish mash” of different courses.

As an adjunct professor, Dobson is highly qualified to cover such an eclectic range of subjects. Dobson was integrated into these new positions due to retirements and sabbaticals of several members of each department.

“I think the experience will be interesting, and I am curious to see what will happen.” Dobson commented. “Also, my wife is a German professor at Augustana College, so I guess I should be able to handle the German,” Dobson joked.

Dobson added he thinks next year will be fun as well as a learning experience.

“I think German will be the most fun class to teach. There are so many current pop cultures and current issues with the language that I think will be exciting to explore,” Dobson added.

Dobson said he looks forward what the future will bring and is excited for the great mix or courses and students he will be dabbling in next year. He is extremely eager to broaden his horizons at Monmouth College.