National Latin Exam 2001 at Monmouth College

Eight Monmouth College Latin students earned awards for outstanding performance on the 2002 National Latin Exam. 

Gold medal and summa cum laude certificate awarded to Kristen Whitver.

Silver medal and maxima cum laude certificate awarded to Michael Fanucce.

Magna cum laude certificates awarded to  Nina Medina, Sarah Hicks, Beth Liggett, and Carrie Casper.

Cum laude certificates awarded to Jennifer Staroske and Shanah Thompson.

About the National Latin Exam

Monmouth College Students were joined by over 112,000 others taking the National Latin Exam in all 50 states and eight  foreign countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, England,  Italy, Japan, New Zealand,  and Zimbabwe.

Participation in the Exam has increased each year since its inception in 1978, when approximately 6,000 students enrolled.

Exams are given for Latin I through Latin VI. Students in each level answer 40 questions: 20 on Latin grammar; 15 on mythology, Roman life, history, geography, and derivatives; and five questions based on a reading passage in Latin. The time limit for the exam is 40 minutes.

The National Latin Exam is administered each year during the second week in March. All Monmouth College Latin 102 students participated in the 2001 National Latin Exam, which was administered during the regular class period in March.

For more information, visit the National Latin Exam website.

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