Departmental Doings, October, 2014

Timothy Morris '15 and Emma Vanderpool '17, both Latin and History majors, are recipients of scholarships to attend a Latin Pedagogy Workshop entitled "Technology in the Classroom" at National Lewis University. Both Tim and Emma plan to pursue careers as high school Latin teachers after they graduate from Monmouth. Emma received a scholarship from the Illinois Classical Conference and Tim received a scholarship from National Lewis University.

Tom Sienkewicz recently read a paper entitled “Latin in the 21st Century—Future Challenges” at the 94th Anniversary Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South—Southern Section (CAMWS-SS) in Fredericksburg, VA . Also presenting at this meeting was Latin and History major Emma Vanderpool’17. Her paper, entitled,  “Oderimus, Mea Lesbia, et VivamusI: Martial’s Lesbia.” was part of a panel entitled “100 Years of Loving Beauty and Wisdom: Undergraduate Research Celebrating the Centennial of ΗΣΦ.” Vanderpool is a member of Gamma Omicron Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi (ΗΣΦ) at Monmouth College and her paper was selected for this panel by a blind jury of Classics professors in a national competition.
Emma Vanderpool (Monmouth College) cutting the cake
Jennifer Ranck (Hunter College)
Eta Sigma Phi Trustee Mary Pendergraft (Wake Forest University)