National Latin Exam 2005
at Monmouth College

Congratulations to the following students who received recognition for their outstanding performance on the 2005 National Latin Exam. The accomplishment of these students were mentioned at the 2005 Honors Convocation and the actual awards were distributed at the Classics Dept. picnic at the end of semester.

2005 National Latin Exam Honorees at Monmouth College

From left to right: Vicki Wine (instructor), Ryan Bay, James Vallarta, Angelica Rankin, Elizabeth Toal, Catherine Bartunek, Andrew Viscariello, Jessica Travis, and Tom Sienkewicz (instructor). Not pictured: Lorrene Vass, Kevin Watson, and Virginia Hellenga (instructor). Click on image for larger view.

Latin I

Andrew Viscariello maxima cum laude silver medal
Angelica Rankin maxima cum laude silver medal
Elizabeth Toal magna cum laude  
James Vallarta magna cum laude  

Catherine Bartunek
magna cum laude

Jessica Travis

cum laude

Kevin Watson

cum laude

Lorrene Vass

cum laude

Latin II

Ryan Bay magna cum laude  

About the National Latin Exam

Monmouth College Students were joined by over 135,000 students from all fifty states and fourteen foreign countries (including Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Niger Republic, Poland, Switzerland, and Zimbabwe, and, for the first time, China and France). Participation in the Exam has increased each year since its inception in 1978, when approximately 6,000 students enrolled.

Exams are given for Latin I through Latin VI. Students in each level answer 40 questions: 20 on Latin grammar; 15 on mythology, Roman life, history, geography, and derivatives; and five questions based on a reading passage in Latin. The time limit for the exam is 40 minutes.

The National Latin Exam is offered each year during the second week in March. Monmouth College is one of only five colleges to administer the exam to its students.

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For more information, visit the National Latin Exam website.

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