Department of Classics
Monmouth College

The Classics program at Monmouth College provides a firm, well-rounded foundation in the ancient Greek and Roman cultures, which are the basis of Western civilization. Students seeking to expand their knowledge of Latin and ancient civilizations can take traditional courses in the languages of Latin and ancient Greek. Students can also study the history, mythology and literature of ancient Greece and Rome.

The Classics department at Monmouth is affiliated with many professional and honorary organizations, including the Archaeological Institute of America, Eta Sigma Phi national honors society and the Illinois Classical Conference. These organizations bring prominent professionals and researchers in their areas to campus each year to speak to students.

On-campus research facilities include a multi-media classroom and a wide array of computer software. Students also take field trips to prominent museums in Chicago, St. Louis, and Champaign, Ill., and have the opportunity for first-hand study of the Classical world through visits to Europe sponsored by the college, or through the Associated Colleges of the Midwest's center in Florence, Italy.

Monmouth College's Classics department prepares students for careers in education, archaeology, museum curatorship, library science, computer programming, research, and many others.


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