This document is part of the Festschrift in Honor of Charles Speel, edited by Thomas J. Sienkewicz and James E. Betts and published by Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois in 1997. If you have any questions, you may contact Tom Sienkewicz at


The editors of this Festschrift would like to acknowledge the many individuals and organizations which have made this project possible. First of all, we must thank Emma Janis Speel for her enthusiastic and discreet efforts to help us identify appropriate contributors for the Festschrift at a time when this project was not yet known to Charles. Bruce Haywood, Jerry McBride, Drew Boster, and other members of the administration of Monmouth College also encouraged the project in its early stages. Frances Stauffer, Patte Shallenberger, Carrie Knauer, Billie Jo Montroy, and Leah McLaren provided secretarial help. Daryl Carr and George Nieman assisted in technical computer problems. Jeff Rankin of the Monmouth College Public Information Office graciously prepared the plates for Janet Smith's article. Anne Sienkewicz shared her proofreading skills. The Monmouth College Faculty, President Sue Huseman, the members of the Faculty and Institutional Development Committee, members of the President's Council, and other participants of the 1996 budgetary process deserve our thanks for allocating the funds necessary to see this tome into print. Above all, however, we would like to express our gratitude to the contributors who, willingly and in a timely fashion, shared their labors with us. This project is really their project, an expression of their affection for Charles, and an acknowledgement of the friendship, fellowship, and mentoring he has shared with them for a lifetime.

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