MC in Spain 2012

Seven Monmouth College students accompanied Prof. Tom Sienkewicz on a tour of Roman Spain in January, 2012. Depicted standing from left lto right in front of the Roman theatre at Merida are Prof. Sienkewicz, James Rosse, Mary Bohlander, Marissa Lewiston, Joshua Kircher, Emmery Schuytema, and Kelly Klikas. Sitting in front is Kyle Warwick.

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Additional pictures, from left to right: at Gaudi'a Salamander in Parc Geulle in Barcelona, at the Archaeological Museum in Tarragona, in Granada with the Alhambra in background, and two shots in Merida.
Below: At the Roman Aqueduct in Segovia.
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About this trip:

"Spending nine days in Spain was a mind-bending experience. Here in the midwest our culture goes back thousands of year but there are almost no remnants of it. In Spain the past is all around you, waiting to be rediscovered." Merissa Lewiston 

"My favorite place in Spain was Barcelona; the city was a beautiful bustling place full of things to do and eat and see at any time of day. I felt like I was living in a different time walking through the city because the area we stayed in was all narrow streets with few cars and people selling amazingly fresh produce. At the same time the moment the sun set the nightlife lit up. I can only describe it as amazing, I can't wait to go back." Kelly Klikas

"Being in a different culture was unnerving at first.  Different sights, smells, sounds.  But once I looked past all that, I realized that people are people.  Then Spain got fun, Barcelona's clubs, ancient Roman ruins, and museums galore.  I cannot wait to go back" Kyle Warwick

"There is no possible way for pictures and a few blurbs to really describe the experience of going to another country, the experience of interacting with materials and places that are 3 or 4 times older than our own country!  EVERYONE should go explore the world !" Mary Bohlander

"When going to Spain the first thing I noticed was the mingling of the past and the present. The interplay between the two was amazing. You could be looking at an ancient Roman ruin but across the street see a cafe serving lunch or a store selling electronics. To see the mixing of cultures was great." James Rosse