Sienkewicz Family
Photo Album


Tucson, 2008
Tom Sienkewicz at the Monmouth College sign, 2006

Tom Sienkewicz, 2003
Tom at work at his computer in his MC office, 2001 
Julia Sienkewicz at Mt. Holyoke, April 2001
Tom Sienkewicz on the Milt Rosenberg Show, 1999
MHS National Honors Society Induction Ceremony 1999 Richard is in the upper right hand corner.
Marie's Graduation from Bowdoin (1999); Another graduation photo
Marie Sienkewicz at the University of Illinois School of Library Science and Information Services 1999
Richard's High School Graduation Photos 2000
Tom wearing a toga and carving a suckling pig at the 1992 Eta Sigma Phi Convention
Marie and Julia Sienkewicz, Christmas 1998
A photo or Tom and Anne at Christmas, 1999
A photo of Marie, Julia and Richard at Christmas 1999 
Some Family Pictures Taken in January, 2000
The Sienkewicz Family, c.1982 (before Richard was born).
The San Filipo Family
Toni Barlettano and her daughters, Chris and Theresa Gallo
Toni Sienkewicz on her 41st Birthday (September 9, 1998)
Marie Sienkewicz at the Vet School, 2003
Tracy San Filipo 2006-2007

Photograph of Allegra and Sydney
Frances Liguori with Santa
Sienkewicz Family 1991
Julia Alice Sienkewicz at Mount Holyoke College
Tim and Nick
Marie Sienkewicz and Kyle Bond

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Sienkewicz Family Photo Album

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