Senior Theses
by Classics Majors
at Monmouth College
(under the direction of Thomas J. Sienkewicz)
Pickens, Martin J., MC'03 The Use of Materia in Book 1 of Lucretius' De Rerum Natura
Fanucce, Michael, MC'04 Unusual Origins and Mystical Powers: Harry Potter as Archetypal Hero
Katsenes, Matthew G., MC '04 From Infinity to Irrationality and Back Again
Underwood, Mathew, MC'04 The Function of Narrartve in Thucydides' Plague of Athens
Bay, Ryan, MC '07 Pre-Augustan Divorce Law
Cave, Anne, MC'12 The Driest Work Ever Written --Just Add Water
Cook, Robert Michae, MC'13  Roman Walls
Vanderpool, Emma, MC'17 Face-booking Vergil's Aeneid
Vanderpool, Emma, MC'17 A Digital Bridge to Authentic Latin (Honors Program Thesis)
Vanderpool, Emma, MC'17 College Research Papers