This document is part of the Festschrift in Honor of Charles Speel, edited by Thomas J. Sienkewicz and James E. Betts and published by Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois in 1997. The Table of Contents for this volume can be accessed here. If you have any questions, you may contact Tom Sienkewicz at

Publications of Charles J. Speel II

I. Publications

"The Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls." 3 issues, The United Presbyterian, June, July, 1953.

"Mark: A Dramatic Sketch." Christian Union Herald, 1955.

Communal Authority in the Ancient Church. Harvard University Press, 1955.

"The Disappearance of Christianity From North Africa In The Wake Of The Rise Of Islam." Church History, December, 1960.

"Theological Concepts of Magistracy: Constantius, Henry VIII, John F. Kennedy." Church History, June, 1963.

"Some Reflections on the Influence of Netherlandish Calvinism and Arminianism." Monmouth College Forum, 1963.

"The Ecclesio-Political Ideas of John Knox." Monmouth College Faculty Forum, 1964.

"The Christian College--Bulwark of Freedom." Monmouth College Bulletin, 1982.

"The Bones of St. Peter: Excavations Under St. Peter's Cathedral in Vatican City." The Catholic Post, 1986.

"The College/Church Relationship: An Historical Perspective." Scots Newse, Summer, 1995.

"The Strange Saga of Monmouth's Storied Stone or: That's the Way the Canopus Crumbles." Scots Newse, Winter, 1995.

Also several book reviews in Journal of Bible and Religion, Harvard Divinity School Bulletin, and Church History.

II. Professional Papers

"Church Government in the Apostolic Fathers." Harvard Divinity School. Cambridge, 1951.

"Cyprian and the Laity." American Society of Church History. Princeton, 1959.

"Theological Concepts of Magistracy in the 14th, 15th, & 16th Centuries." American Society of Church History. Toronto, 1964.

"Ecumenism and the Encounter with Non-Christians." American Academy of Religion. Naperville, 1966.

"The Role of the Laity in the New Testament." American Academy of Religion. Chicago, 1971.

"Student Activism: Action & Reaction in Presbyterian Colleges, 1760 to 1860." American Society of Church History. Iowa City, 1972.

"Reviewing the Situation, Founders' Day." Monmouth College, 1975.

"Santa Maria Novella and Church History." Monmouth College and the American Academy of Religion, 1976.

"Presbyterians in America, Yesterday and Today." Nauvoo, 1978.

"A Calvinist Heritage in American Higher Education: Academic Freedom and Service." Monmouth College, 1984.

"Celebrate the Journey." North Henderson, 1989.

"The Search for the Bones of St. Peter: Excavations beneath St. Peter's Basilica in Rome." Western Illinois Society of the Archaeological Institute of America, 1986.

"The Age of Joseph." Western Illinois Society of the Archaeological Institute of America, 1991.

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