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Festshchrift in Honor of Charles Speel

This document is part of the Festschrift in Honor of Charles Speel, edited by Thomas J. Sienkewicz and James E. Betts and published by Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois in 1997. If you have any questions, you may contact Tom Sienkewicz at

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Note: Charles J. Speel died on October 10, 2000. For a complete obituary and more information on the life and career of Charles Speel, go to

Part I. Religion

"A Fragment of Religious Biography" by Nelson T. Potter MC'61
"Is the Christian Faith Exclusive?" by William O. Amy
"Musings on Mary and Martha: Interpretations of Luke 10: 38-42" by Clara Beth Speel Van de Water MC'71
"Mercy as the Basis of a Non-Elitist Ecological Ethic" by George H. Williams
"Tocqueville's Third State of Mind as a Model for Open Attachment in American Religious Life" by Charles Courtney MC'57
"Three Christian "Cosmologists:" Karl Barth, Langdon Gilkey, and Kathryn Tanner" by Robert Cathey
" Metaphors in Hosea" by Jack P. Lewis
"'The Old Testament of the Early Church' Revisited" by Albert C. Sundberg, Jr.

Part II: Ministry
"Two Agendas for Discipleship" by Richard W. Anderson MC'66
"A Return to Decency: The Role of the Church in Modern Society" by Linda Baldwin MC'61
"John Calvin as Pastor" by John K. Baumann MC'57
"Duncan James McMillan: Missionary to the Mormons" by R. Douglas Brackenridge
"The Church in the Wasteland" by Jerry Hazen
"Building Vision in the Local Church" by Timothy G. Keefauver MC'80
"What God Has Made Clean" by Thomas Matthews MC'61
"What?! You Don't Have a D.D.?!: A Hymn of Praise to the Unsung Clergy" by George R. Plagenz
"Dialogue, the Continuing Imperative" by Charles L. Rassieur MC'60
"American Protestant Denominations and Changes in PartisanVoting Since 1952" by Robert Speel
"Creating an Imperfect Government for an Imperfect Humanity" by Ruth Speel Van de Water
"The Puritan and the Yankee" by J. Stafford Weeks

Part III: Education
"Theological Education: A Reformed Imperative" by Janet F. Fishburn MC'58
"Educating the Public: Reformed History, Commitments and Strategies" by James Smylie
"The Magic of the Mountain: A Metaphor for the American College" by Bruce Haywood
"Monmouth College in a Multicultural America: An Essay" by William T. Irelan MC'62
"Death and the Young" by Paul McClanahan
"Humanistic Problem Solving: The Case of Mr. T" by William J. Winslade MC'63

Part IV: The East
"The Importance of Learning in the Ancient East Illuminated by Confucian Aphorisms" by Cecil Brett
"Religious Belief and Asia's Economic Growth: The Hong Kong-China Connection" by Robert E. Gamer MC'60
"The Impact of India on a Westerner in 1964-65" by Emma Janis Speel
"The RSS and Hindu Militancy in the 1980's" by Douglas Spitz, Sr.

Part V: Literature and the Arts
"The Convent of Santa UmiltÓ in Florence" by Janet Smith
"Practicing Immorality: Notes from Some Soul Searching" by Robert Gillogly MC'61
"Parallels in A Doll's House" by William L. Urban
"Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood: the Search for Authenticity" by Charles C. Forman
"Let Us Mix Metaphysics and Short-hand and Port" Gary Willhardt MC'59

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