The Monmouth College
Department of Classics 
the Thirty-Fourth Annual
Bernice L. Fox Classics Lecture
This lecture series was established in 1985 to honor Dr. Bernice L. Fox, who taught Classics at Monmouth College from 1947 until 1981. The goal of this series is to illustrate the continuing importance of Classical studies in the modern world and the intersection of the Classics with other disciplines in the liberal arts.

Political leaders from Alexander the Great to Vladimir Putin have often identified themselves with the Greco-Roman hero Hercules in various media. This broad historical survey includes identification of Roman emperors, Medici rulers, American presidents and other prominent figures as Hercules in such media as coins, painting, sculpture, and editorial cartoons. These representations are analyzed and the associations with Hercules explained.

Thomas J. Sienkewicz
Minnie Billings Capron Professor of the Classics Emeritus
Monmouth College

  Professor Sienkewicz holds a Ph.D.
from The Johns Hopkins University
 and taught Classics at Monmouth
from 1984 until 2017.

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