The Bernicce L. Fox Classics Lecture Series

This lecture series was founded in 1985 to honor Bernice L. Fox, who taught Classics at Monmouth College from 1947 until 1981. The goal of this series is to illustrate the continuing importance of Classical studies in the modern world and the intersection of the Classics with other disciplines in the liberal arts.

Previous Fox Lectures

About Previous Lecturers

1985-86 Bernice L. Fox, "Living Latin: Twentieth Century Literature in Latin"
1986-87 Robert Ketterer, "A Monkey on the Roof: Comedy, Rome and Plautus' Boastful Soldier"
1987-88 Mary R. Ryder, "The Universal and True: Myth in Willa Cather's O Pioneers!"
1988-89 Andrew J. Adams, "Off the Beaten Track in Rome"
1989-90 Nelson T. Potter, Jr., "Pirsig's and Plato's Phaedrus"
1990-91 Raymond Den Adel, "Hadrian: Emperor and Builder"
1991-92 Richard Lederer, "Latina Non Mortua Est"
1992-93 Jeremy McNamara, "Ovidius Naso Was the Man: Shakespeare's Debt to Ovid"
1993-94 LeaAnn Osburn, "Classics Across the Curriculum: A Practitioner's View"
1994-95 Thomas H. Watkins, "Imperator Caesar Augustus and Duce Benito Mussolini: Ancient Rome and Fascist Italy"
1995-96 Albert Watanabe, "Into the Woods: The Symbolism of the Forest"
1996-97 Deborah Rae Davies, "Myth, Media, and Culture: Odysseus on the Baseball Diamond"
1997-98 Anne Groton, "Goofy Gods & Half-Baked Heroes: Comic Entertainment in the Ancient City"
1998-99 Kenneth Kitchell, "Always Something New From Africa: Ancient Africa and its Marvels"
1999-2000 Alden Smith. "Looks Count: Erotic Glances in Roman Art and Poetry"
2000-2001 Michele Ronnick,   "Evidence Concerning Fishing in Antiquity and its Later Influence"
2001-2002 Gregory Daugherty, Her Infinite Variety: Cleopatra in Twentieth Century American Popular Culture

2002-2003 James Betts, "Che Faró Senza Euridice?": The Role of Greco-Roman Culture in the Creation and Development of Opera
2003-2004 Anne Browning Nelson, "Education in Fourth-century Alexandria:  Didymus the Blind’s Commentaries on the Psalms"
2004-2005 James DeYoung, "'Let the Tears Fall': On Producing Euripides' Trojan Women for a Modern Audience"
2005-2006 Mark Golden, "Olive-Tinted Spectacles: Myths in the History of the Ancient and Modern Olympics"
2006-2007 Carol Goodman, "A Classical Muse: Creative Writing and the Classics"
2007-2008 James M. May, "Re-constructing and Rowing on the Trireme Olympias"
2008-2009 Monica Cyrino, "Power, Passion and Politics: the Women of HBO's Rome"
2009-2010 Timothy Moore, "Musical Comedy: Roman and American"
2010-2011 John Bruber-Miller, "Peeking into a Periegete’s Mind: Probing Pausanias’ Description of Greece"
2011-2012 Daniel B. Levine, "Tuna in Ancient Greece and Modern Tuna Population Decline"
2012-2013 Georgia L. Irby, "Mapping Vergil: Cartography and Geography in the Aeneid"
2013-2014 Robert Hellenga, "Confessions of a Fictional Classicist"
2014-2015 W. Robert Connor "Classics Now"
2015-2016 William L. Urban "America a New Rome? Reflections on Decline and Fall"
2016-2017 Kathleen Coleman "Defeat in the Arena"
2017-2018 Thomas Jenkins “Classics, Comics and America”
2018-2019 Thomas J. Sienkewicz "Hercules Politics in Art: The Myth Hero as Political Role Model from Alexander the Great to Vladimir Putin"

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