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Non omnia possumus omnes    

Vergil. Eclogues VIII, 63

This multilingual greeting was designed by Dr. James Betts. Multas gratias!

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Monmouth College
Classics Faculty

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Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Minnie Billings Capron Professor of Classics
Office: Jamieson Greek Room (Wallace 101)
Phone: 309-457-2371

Tom Sienkewicz teaches anything to do with the ancient Graeco-Roman world. He is especially interested in the influence of classical culture in the modern world. In his spare time he likes to garden and to read historical mysteries, especially those about, yes, the Graeco-Roman world.
And, yes, he does, indeed, want YOU to be a Latin teacher!


Robert Holschuh Simmons
, Assistant Professor
and Departmental Chair

Office: Wallace 21L



Vicki Wine, Adjunct Professor

Office: Wallace 19
Phone: 309-457-2341



Kyle Jazwa, Lecturer

Office: Hewes 11A
Phone: 309-457-2289




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