An Informational Potpourri

Ovid and China
A Brief History of Latin Teaching in Warren Co., Illinois
34th Annual Bernice L. Fox Classics Lecture
Sienkewicz Lecture Series on Roman Archaeology
"A Passion for the Classics" (Monmouth. Monmouth College Magazine. 22 (4). Winter 2018, pp.22-23.)
My Camino
Family Recipe Book with Photos and Reminiscences (Christmas 2005)
Effective Communication, especially with the Hearing-Impaired
A Tale of Two Grandmothers
Searching for My Maternal Grandfather
It's All in a Name: Rediscovering Broken Family Ties
James Cbristie Shields Collection
Monmouth College Old Main: Photographic Legacy
Organizational Memories
More Than a Mother-in-Law: Reflection on the Life of Dorothy S. Waterman
Dorothy Waterman Memorial Book
Reflection on the Life of Richard D. Waterman
Reflection on the Life of Dean St. Ledger
Reflection on the Life of Charles J. Speel
Eulogy for Alice Martin
Sienkewicz Family Recipes
Latin Comes to LIfe with Dr. Seuss
GSLIS - The School: Awards & Scholarships
Sienkewicz on WGN Radio
Sienkewicz Latin Declamation Contest
Biography and Bibliography of Bernice L. Fox