McQuinston's photograph of Main Hall



 Cover of "The Annex"


 Glass Plate


 Class Photo 1887


 Class Photo 1893


 Class Photo 1902


 Undated Class Photograph


 Hand-painted postcard image


 Invitation to Graduation ceremonies


 Tourbook to the City of Monmouth


 View of Broadway


Main Hall in the Snow.


View of the Town of Monmouth


 Unpainted Postcard view of Main Hall


Early Postcard view of Main Hall


 Hand-Tinted postcard showing Main Hall. Posted the day after fire destroyed Main Hall.


 Black and White Post Card, Published by Hugh Marshall.


 Post Card mailed 1908, a ayear after fire destroyed Main Hall


 A postcard including a sheet of fold-out views of Monmouth Buildings, including Main Hall. Published 1905.


View of Main Hall, taken by an unknown photographer on an unknown date, but after the extension to the building in 1872.


 Printed Post Card with Image of Main Hall


  Main Hall Burning Series


 Postcard of Newly-Constructed Wallace Hall


  Another Early Postcard of Wallace Hall


 Postcard showing Wallace Hall, and some of the surrounding campus.