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Non omnia possumus omnes

Vergil. Eclogues VIII, 63

Department of Classics
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NOTA BENE: Events are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent events at the top.

Fox Classics Lecture: Harvard Scholar on "Defeat in the Arena"
Archaeological workshop Participants can handle 8,000-year-old artifacts, learn illustration techniques

Old secrets of the sea Monmouth’s Damian to explain how geospatial analysis tracks medieval traffic
Student Laureate Vanderpool receives prestigious honor from The Lincoln Academy of Illinois

Bass Lecture Prestigious national lecture on underwater archaeology to be given at Monmouth

Classics Day Third annual event will bring ancient world to life on Oct. 22
ECCE, SCOTI (Classices Dept. Newsletter 2016)
Cheers! Archaeology lecture addresses bars and taverns throughout history
MC at ACL 2016
2nd Annual Classics Day
MC Hosts National Eta Sigma Phi Convention
Teaching Excellence, A Continuing Legacy
The Travels of Vanderpool '17
Roman pottery Davis and former Monmouth faculty member to present archaeology lecture
Archaeology in Mexico Emeritus professor to provide an overview of sites south of the border

Monmouth College hosts 2015 Illinois Classical Conference lecture, Latin mass
Classics with a Macarthur Fellow
Prestigious speakers Nakassis, MacArthur Award winner, joins lists that includes Mather, Patel
Southern Greece Nakassis explains how tranquil area is robust for classical study

Classics Dept. Welcomes Simone Johnson

Congratulations to Bob Simmons' 2015 SoFia Team

ECCE, SCOTI! (Classics Dept. Newsletter 2015)
Classics Day, 2015
Departmental Doings, October 2014

Sienkewicz receives Lifetime Achievement Award from Illinois Classical Conference

Sienkewicz Receives Meritus Award from the American Classical League
Vanderpool Brings Home Several Awards
A Leader in Classics
When in Rome
Cena Classica MMIV
Lupercalia MMIV
Alumns Don Trinitie Teacher of the Month
MC Classics Dept. Carols to the MC History Dept.
Gould Manuscript Collection
International Archaeology Day
Homecoming 2013
Vanderpool Wins Latin Scholarship
Latin Performance Scholarship Winners
Sienkewicz Gives Paper at Conference in England
Graduating Class of 2013
Greece 2013: There and Back
Latin Scrabble 2013
Spring Break 2013 in Greece
Where is Eta Sigma Phi?
Archaeology of Christmas
Classical Cyprus
Sienkewicz to receive MC's Hatch Award for Distinguished Teaching
Sienkewicz Begins Term as CAMWS Secretary-Treasurer

Agatha Christie, Archaeology and Alzheimer's

Sienkewicz is co-editor of festschrift for ACM's Smith
MC’s Sienkewicz is co-editor of book honoring educator
Archaeology Day 2012

MC hosts 2012 Illinois Latin Tournament
MC in Spain 2012
Laughy Invited as National Lecturer for AIA
Reverse Ecphrasis
National Archaeology Day 
Laughy to present lecture

Latin Performance Scholarships
You're hired! 

Ancient Cahokia 
26th Annual Fox Lecture
"How to Disce!"
'Craig Mound Cosmology'


Hellenga Prize for Excellence in  Latin Established
Latin 102 Students Celebrate Rome's 2764th Birthday!
25th Annual Fox Lecture: Prof. Tim Moore on Comedy
Exelauno Day MMX

MC Classics Faculty Honored for Years of Service
Sienkewicz on Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR on Sept. 17
O'Neil Speaks to CLAS200
MC at ACL 2009
Gamma Omicron Welcomes Tibbetts
Graduates of the Class of MMIX
24th Annual Fox Lecture: Prof. Cyrino on the Women in "Rome"
National Language Exams 2009
Gamma Omicron Initiation March 2009
Monmouth College in Rome 2009
Gamma Omicron Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi Welcomes Eight New Initiates
Hendrix 2008 Latin Perfomance Scholar

Vallarta Recognized for Performance on Collegiate Greek Exam MMVIII
MC in Britain -08
Traveling APA Poster Exhibit on Ceres in Chicago
Excavating at Porolissum
Monmouth College Student to Give Archaeological Lecture;
Courier article
Monmouth College among elite group preparing Latin teachers
Graduating Class of MMVII
Eta Sigma Phi Initiation, April 18, 2007
MC’s Sherry presents paper at convention; ten students excel on national Latin exam
2007 National Latin Exam
Current Adjunct Professor to Tackle Three Departments Next Year
Sherry Reads Paper at National Convention
Western Illinois Society of AIA Wins Poster Contest
Welcome Prof. Dobson
Monmouth College in Greece 2007
King Tut 2006
Harrod Presents Paper at Classical Conference
Gamma Omicron Chapter Inducts New Members, November 2006
Harrod Reads Paper at Classics Convention
MC’s Sienkewicz Edits Three-Volume Ancient Greece Encyclopedia
Viscariello Receives Ryan Award
2006 Recipients of Latin Performance Scholarship

2006 Graduates
Richard Harrod Presents Paper
National Latin and National Greek Exams 2006
Gamma Omicron Chapter Inducts New Members, April 2006
Gamma Omicron Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary
Sienkewicz Recognized for Scholarship with Hatch Distinguished Faculty Award
MC at the Field Museum
2006 Fox Lecture
Caristia at Monmouth College
Western Illinois Society of AIA receives Golden Trowel Award
‘When in Rome,’ MC students meet Pope Benedict XVI
Monmouth College in Rome 2006
Eta Sigma Phi Initiation November 2005
Photo of Visiting Scholar June Phillips with MC Proclamation
Monmouth College Celebrates 2005 as the Year of Languages with speaker June Phillips: MC newsreleases: 10-24-05 and 10-27-05
Lisa Adams Recipient of 2005 Ryan Award from ICTFL
Tom Sienkewicz at Western Illinois University



Eta Sigma Phi Graduates of Monmouth College 2005
Winner of the 2005 Bernice L. Fox Classics Writing Contest
2005 National Greek Exam at Monmouth College
2005 National Latin Exam at Monmouth College
Exploring Greek Mythology Through Poetry and the Art of Mask Making
Latin Test Gets Low Marks
Cena Classica MMV

Fox estate gift strengthens legacy of MC classics program
Eta Sigma Phi Initiation March 2005
Monmouth College Declares 2005 Year of Languages. View the proclamation here.
Eta Sigma Phi Initiation November 2004
MC Students Throw Javelins Greek Style
Kilted Scots Invade the Western Illinois Society of AIA

12 Black Classicists Newsrelease
12 Black Classicists Photo Installation and Lecture
Carved Bone Art Lecture
Weavers Archaeology Lecture

Click here for a photo of Tom Sienkewicz in Moscow's Red Square in July 2004
MC Professor, Graduate Collaborate on Latin Reader
Tom Sienkewicz published Vergil reader with Lea Ann Osburn MC'72 / MC newsrelease / Monmouth Review Atlas article

Graduating Seniors 2004
Here is Tom Sienkewicz with some of the 2004 graduates.
MC Classics Students Honored at Convocation
MC Latin Students Perform Well on the 2004 National Latin Exam

MC Students Ask "Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?" in La
Future Passive Periphrastic: Highlights of 2004 Eta Sigma Phi Convention
Spring Break in Southern Italy!
Tom Sienkewicz in the New York Times (February 24, 2004)

2004 Fox Classics Lecture
Monmouth Students with Togaman
Togaman at Monmouth College

Sienkewicz to be part of Global Partners Trip to Russia
Bernice L. Fox, Professor Emerita of Classics, dies at 92
Nine at Monmouth College earn Eta Sigma Phi induction
Tom Sienkewicz Named Executive Secretary of Eta Sigma Phi
Monmouth College Classics Dept. in the Chicago Tribune:
Latin Comes to Life with Dr. Seuss (Chicago Tribune, October 24, 2003) If that link does not work, try this one.
Richard Harrod '07 Wins Latin Performance Scholarship
Three MC Classicists as presenters at Illinois Classical Conference 2003 For photos click here.
Ashley Clegg Receives Latin Performance Scholarship
Ashleigh Tweed Receives Latin Performance Scholarship

National Latin Exam 2003 at Monmouth College / MC Newsrelease

Gamma Omicron Chapter at the 2003 National Eta Sigma Phi Convention in Oklahoma
Archaeology Lecture: What Is Under the Abbey?
National Latin Teacher Recuitment Week
National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week at Monmouth College
Eta Sigma Phi Initiation Photos
Sienkewicz Reads Dr. Seuss in Latin for "Read Across America 2003"

Sienkewicz on MC Faculty Spotlight

Two MC Classics Majors Help with Presentation at American Classical League Institute 2002

Winners of the 2002 Monmouth Classics Bee
MC Professor Wins Prestigious Classics Award

2002 Illinois Latin Tournament at Monmouth College

National Latin Exam 2002 at Monmouth College

MC Student, Professor Present Paper at CAMWS

Citizen of Pompeii to visit Monmouth

Monmouth in Rome, January 2002

Sienkewicz edits Encyclopedia of the Ancient World


Fondulac District Library proudly presents Sylvia Zethmayr Shults, MC '90, historic romance author of Golden Horus and Games of Venus on September 20 at 7 p.m. Ms Shults will discuss becoming and author and read from her works. A reception and author signing will follow. Registration requested. The Fondulac District Library is located at 140 East Washington Street, East Peoria, Illinois. 61611-2502.

Classics Major Zina Lewis Chosen as MC's 2001 Lincoln Laureate Scholar
2001 National Latin Exam

2001 National Greek Exam
MC Classics Dept. featured in web-based article "Latin Makes a Comeback"
Legion XIIII's visit to Monmouth College on Monday, February 19, 2001
MC's Tom Sienkewicz' appeared on "Latin Renaissance" on National Public Radio's "The Connection" on WBUR Boston, July 6, 2001. To hear the show, click here.
Gamma Omicron Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi Welcomes New Members! (February 11, 2000)
Western Illinois Society of AIA Receives Its Charter

Roman France 2000

Tom Sienkewicz on Milt Rosenberg's Extension 720 Show
1999 Latin Performance Scholarship Winners
Turkish Odyssey 1999 (a recent trip to Turkey by Monmouth students and faculty)
Classics major Zina Lewis' ACM summer scholarship
Pompeian Citizen Visits Monmouth
Y1K: Napiwocki Lectures on the year 1000 A.D.
Eta Sigma Phi at National Convention 2000
National Latin Exam 2000
National Greek Exam 2000
Gamma Omicron Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi Welcomes New Members! (September 15, 2000)




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